Rules and Scoring

Category Points
Passing yard .04
Passing 300+ yds 3
Passing 400+ yds 6
Passing TD 6
Interception -2
Rushing TD 6
Rushing yard .1
Rushing 100-199 yds 3
Rushing 200+ yds 6
Reception .5
Receiving TD 6
Receiving yard .1
Receiving 100-199 yds 3
Receiving 200+ yds 6
Fumble Lost -2
Field Goal 0-39 yds 3
Field Goal 40-49 yds 4
Field Goal 50+ yds 5
Extra Point 1
Two Point Conversion 2
Category Points
Run Scored (R) 2
Single (H) 1
Double (2B) 3
Triple (3B) 4
Home Run (HR) 6
Run Batted In (RBI) 2
Walk (BB) 1
Stolen Base (SB) 2
Strike Out (K) -1
Inning Pitched (IP) 1
Strike Out (K) 1
Win (W) 8
Category Points
Hit Allowed (H) -1
Walk Allowed (BB) -1
Earned Run Allowed (ER) -2

In addition to our Terms & Conditions, here are the rules of the house here at PlayFast.

  1. Eligibility: All participants in our cash games must be 18 years of age and reside in the United States or Canada. Those residing in Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Maryland, Montana and Vermont are ineligible to play in any games involving cash play. Sorry, we don't make the laws, but you can still enjoy our free games though!

  2. Usernames: Once you select your Username, it's yours for life. That is, unless we deem it as improper. If that's the case, we'll ask you nicely (the first time) to change it.

  3. Multiple Accounts: Only one account per person. If we catch you using an alternate account, you may lose them all, including any prizes that we believe were fraudulently obtained.

  4. Unfilled contests: In the event a contest is not filled, it will be cancelled - unless deemed otherwise by us - and all entry fees will be refunded. GUARANTEED TOURNAMENTS will always be played out since they are, well, GUARANTEED.

  5. Prizes: Prizes will be awarded the following morning to ensure that all scoring is correct and official. All scores are final except in the event of an error by our system or data provider. In such cases, we'll "rewind" the contests to make any corrections.

  6. Scoring changes: Any official scoring changes from the league after a 24-hour period will be disregarded. Sorry, there's nothing we can do!

  7. Suspended games: If a sporting event is suspended until the next day, we will incorporate the scoring from that event into each contest. After 24 hours, we reserve the right to finalize contests without including the suspended game.

  8. Postponed games: If a game is postponed before it becomes official, no stats will be counted for that game. Rain-shortened events that are deemed official will accrue stats, however.

  9. Doubleheaders: In the event of a doubleheader, only one game will be included in the scoring for the contest you are entering. Be sure to refer to the schedule of events before you start drafting your team.

  10. Traded players: Be aware that our contests are published in advance and a player switching teams may lead to some confusion. All you need to remember is that if the traded player is still playing in an eligible event that day, his scoring will count. If his new team is not included in the events for the contest you are entering, he'll get a big, fat zero.

  11. Disputes: We will make every effort to make sure every contest is decided fairly in order to protect the integrity of our games. All disputes are handled by PlayFast in a timely manner and all decisions are FINAL.

  12. Deposits: Any deposits made on our site will be instantly available for use in any of our contests. Any deposit bonuses will be reviewed and added to your account accordingly once verified. If you ever have an issue with our Cashier, send us a note to [email protected] and we'll help you get it sorted out right away.

  13. Withdrawals: Withdrawals are paid out via Paypal, unless otherwise requested by you, the user. If you wish to make a withdrawal, they will usually be processed within 24 hours through Paypal. If you require payment with another method, that's gonna take a little longer, so please allow one week for processing.

  14. For further information, check out our FAQs section here.